Last Updated: March, 2021


The following policies help define our relationship with you as you interact with our services. They include what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you. Understanding these policies is important because, by using our services, you’re agreeing to them.

Order Fulfillment

In fulfilling orders, we provide the games' setup file(s) and guidance/instructions for installation, irrespective of the selected variant (digital or physical). Please, let us know ahead of time, should you prefer otherwise.

In the case of License Keys, we only provide official keys which allow you to unlock, access and download the relevant Content from the Developer’s platform. You will need to visit the Developer’s platform in order to verify your Code to access and download the relevant Content. Please check our Activation Guides for instructions on activation.

Delivery Time

Once you have placed an order, you will be contacted by one of our representatives through any of the details provided when you signed up. An estimated day and time of delivery will be communicated to you.


We accept payment on delivery for digital copies. For Physical Copies/DVDs, Download Links & License Keys, you’re required to make payment before delivery.

PC Requirements

Please check and confirm that your PC meets the requirements for running a game before placing an order. We do not offer refunds or replacements on account of poor-performing PCs. Should you need guidance or confirmation as to the expected performance of a game on your PC, you can reach out to us through any of our channels.

In-Game Bugs & Glitches

There exists the chance to experience bugs and glitches in-game. Several factors could be responsible for this - the game source code itself, the PC on which it is run, hacks/patches applied, and so on. It’s a whole range.
We neither develop nor re-engineer video games, as such we cannot promise a flawless performance in this respect.
However, we will make our best efforts to inform you of known issues and their fixes, providing pointers to sites or videos that address the issues, or implementing them ourselves on your PC.

Post-Sales Support

You can contact us via mail or through any of our available channels for support in matters including installing games, bugs and glitches, or any difficulties experienced with games purchased from us.
We are committed to attending these needs. We would require your patience and cooperation in resolving any issues.

Game Replacement

You may change your mind or replace any games in your order only before the order is fulfilled (delivered/picked up). After your order has been fulfilled (delivered/picked up), replacement of any games in the order will not be possible.

Game Recovery

You may request to have a game re-delivered to you at no charge on the game, provided you originally acquired it no more than three (3) months in the past. Only the delivery fee would be required, or nothing at all if you choose to pick it up from one of our representatives.
This is especially useful in the event you lost the game files or had them corrupted somehow.
Please note, this is valid for digital copies only. This does not inlcude Physical Copies & License Keys or related content.

NB: We reserve the right to change these at any time.