Last Updated: May, 2021

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We offer two (2) sorts of promotions: All-time and period-specific promotions. As implied, all-time promotions are always available as long as you use our site, and period-specific are timed.

Our period specific promotions and how to "use" them will be communicated via our social media channels.

Our all-time promotions are detailed below:

Newbie Bonus
You receive 30% off your first order. First time here? Great. Welcome on board.

Third Time's The Charm
You receive 30% off your third and every third order. We'd love you to keep coming back.

Stack Up
You receive percentage discounts when you order three(3) or more games at once. Discounts are tiered like so:
  • 15% off 3 or more games
  • 20% off 5 or more games
  • 35% off 10 or more games
  • 50% off 20 or more games

Trilogy Bundles
You receive 30% off when you get three(3) games of the same franchise at once. Such bundles are listed as individual products, and discounts are already applied.

You receive 10% cashback (as store credits) on orders totalling N10,000 and above. The store credits will be added to your account after your order has been fulfilled (delivered/picked up).

Our all-time promotions (except CashBack and Trilogy Bundles) are automatically applied to your cart when the requirements are met. If you see that your order meets requirements but no discounts are applied, please try the following:
  • Ensure you're logged in
  • Make a change to the items in your cart - add or remove an item. (Put an item back of course, if you want it)
If you've tried these and no promotion is applied, then it's safe to say you're expecting something you shouldn't be. Contact us at [email protected] though.

At any time you're eligible for multiple promotions "in cart", the one with the greatest value is applied.

NB: We reserve the right to change these at any time.